Tree Grates
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xclusive Paver-Grate™ Tree Grate

Tree grates have been used for many years to help integrate trees into the urban hardscape. Tree grates provide space for the tree while allowing pedestrian traffic over the tree planting area. They help to suppress weeds and trash accumulation in the tree planting area. Ironsmith offers a large array of sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from.
Paver-grate™ tree grates serve the function of a tree grate while allowing unit pavers to completely cover the tree planting area.

Tree Grates

IRONSMITH has the the largest selection of small opening ( less tha 1/2") tree grates. We have over thirty standard sizes across our product line and are always happy to make the size you need if you don't see it.

We readily do custom grates without extended lead times.





Slot Size
Ironsmith offers tree grate styles in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" opening widths. 1/4" an 3/8" openings offer greater protection for spike style high healed shoes. 1/2" slot widths are the American's with disabilities Act maximum for gratings in the "accessible pathway" set by the U.S. Access Board
Tree Grate Uplights
Night illumination adds an exciting dimension to the natural beauty of trees, so many grate designs are available with lightwells as an option. Removable covers allow for the installation of sub grade lighting units (as indicated in the specification table for each tree grate). Clear Polycarbonate (Lexan™ )covers are also available on special request. Lightwells can also be used as access ports for irrigation etc. You can find grate options with lightwells by selecting it as a criteria in our SEARCH feature.
New Tree grate Luminaire: Ironsmith is the first to offer an in grate low voltage up light specifically designed to work with our tree grates. TGL SERIES UPLIGHT
Safety Standards
All of our castings meet the standards for class 35B gray iron per ASTM A48. Tests of specific loads on specific grates can be performed if contractually required. The coefficient of friction of ironsmith cast iron grates is well within the safety standards established by the Ceramic Tile Institute, and ADA. Pedestrian proof grates are offered to meet every requirement.
Many of our designs allow the tree opening to be enlarged in increments to accommodate tree growth, protecting the tree from injury. Grates that are expandable will have the expansion sizes listed under "TREE OPENING" in their data base listing. Any grate can be ordered to any expansion size to eliminate the need for field cutting. Exceptionally large openings are available on some or can be custom ordered to accommodate large trees such as palms. If you have a particular opening requirement you can use our SEARCH feature to search for a grate by tree opening size.
Finish and Materials
All of Ironsmith tree grates are available in cast iron, aluminum, or bronze in a wide range of finishes. Click here for more information



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