IRONSMITH Finish and Material Options

Metal Selection

IRONSMITH cast products; tree grates, trench grates, drain grates and bollards, are available in:

Cast gray iron: Long a standard for gratings and bollards, gray iron offers the best balance of strength, durability and low cost. 100% post consumer recycled metal.
Cast ductile iron: Ductile iron is more malleable and less brittle than gray iron allowing for a greater strength to weight ratio. Best when higher strength and lower weight is needed. High percentage of post consumer metal but may include pre-consumer recycled metal still meeting L.E.E.D. standard for recycled content.
Cast aluminum from 100% post consumer recycled metal. Light weight (1/3 cast iron) yet still strong, does not rust. Unique look when left unfinished.
Cast Bronze/ brass alloys. Standard material used is alloy C854 yellow brass for castings and C385 Architectural bronze for frame angles. Yellow brass contains app. 67% Copper, 29% Zinc, 3% Lead, and 1% Tin. Architectural Bronze contains app. 55 -60% copper,40% zinc, 2 - 3.8% lead . Due to their lead content C854 and C385 alloys may not be suitable for systems to provide water for human consumption. IRONSMITH copper alloy products are not ANSI/NSF 61 tested. Please check your local codes.

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Fabricated Steel Products , frames, tree guards, paver suspension,
from ASTM A36 carbon steel